Mission and strategy


To make TuranBank a retail-oriented universal bank with foreign investment, serving individuals, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the country by the means of sales network established in all the regional centres of the Republic.


The Bank refers to the following values in its business philosophy:

  • Reliability
  • Transparency
  • Customer to be approached as a partner
  • Employee as a most valuable asset
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Serving Azerbaijan economy
  • Compliance with and respect for the laws

The Bank is guided by these values in both business and institutional strategy, as well as in its daily operations.

The Bank aims to develop lasting cooperation with its team members and business partners, and show them due respect.


TuranBank is a reliable and transparent bank, providing its customers with high-quality services in line with international standards by its developing professional team, takes an active part in the development of the society and grows dynamically while raising the value of its shareholders' investments.

1. With respect to investors

The Bank plans to reinvest part of the profit it will make during the next strategic period. Furthermore, the Bank will attain sustained growth of the value of its shares through increased market share, improved asset quality and enhanced image as a result of carefully implemented business philosophy. This will not only encourage current investors to invest more in the Bank, but it will also make the Bank more attractive for other investors.

2. With respect to employees

The Bank will keep its constant awareness on its personnel during the next strategic period, make continuous and purposeful investments in its human resources, improve top-down division and delegation of responsibilities in order for them to accomplish their potential and continue applying results-based motivation systems.

3. With respect to customers

As a result of investments in IT infrastructure during the next strategic period, the Bank will serve its customers more swiftly, while providing them with a variety of products and services on more favourable terms than those of competitors, in some cases without customers having to visit the Bank.

Working hours:
Mon. - Fri. (9:00 - 18:00)

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